Black Rock Revival takes the best part of the Memphis, TN groove and combines it with up-tempo, heavy, and pure Rock-n-Roll music. The group is made up of Sebastian (The Leader), Hype (The Beat Master) and Blue (The Bass Man). Sebastian is the lead singer and guitarist. He also writes most of the bands songs. Hype is a 20+ year veteran of the drums and Blue plays bass and sings background vocals. For security reasons, Blue's real name and past can not be revealed. Partially because he won't tell anyone.

Together, Sebastain, Hype, and Blue play hard and funky while performing, because it's been far too long since there has been Rock music that one can move and groove to. Black Rock Revival calls their unique style of play

If you would like to inquire booking information for Black Rock Revival, feel free to directly contact the Omni Green Music Group.